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Suzi whispered Eddie took a deep breath before he did what he knew he had to do. Eddie entered the beegcom room walking with what he hoped was a feminine sway and a beeg indian sexy and seductive smile on his face. Coming to a stop before www beeg his mistresses he posed with his hands on his hips and keeping his smile. Jessica started clapping, "I see what you mean Suzi, doesn't she look nice in her dress!" Eddie blushed at being refered to as beeg. com a 'she'. "Indeed she is" replied Suzi and turned to Eddie, "There, beeg porn videos you see what you can do if you beeg xxx put your mind to it Eddie?" "Yes beeg com. mistress, I should have acted this way before." As Eddie www.beeg.com was speaking he noticed the video camera was recording him. Suzi noticed him looking at the video camera "Yes Eddie, just getting a few beegporn more home movies of my feminised hubby!" "Mistress, are you still going to punishe me for my poor performance earlier?" Eddie asked. "I don't know yet, I haven't decided. But given your last performance I may decide not to." Suzi said, "Now, Sissy's Home" With beeg hindi those words Edele regained www beeg.com control, "Edele, I want you to beeg.con change into your maids uniform and serve me and Mistress Jessica with drinks." "Yes Mistress" Edele replied and walked off. "I don't know about you Suzi, but I enjoyed that Immensly." Jessica exclaimed, "Are you going to punish Eddie or not?" "Of course I am, I just wanted him to be lulled into a false sense of beeg porno security. When he sees the paper he will be finished." Suzi replied. Chapter 5 : Full exposure. The following day at work Suzi was visited by Jessica, "I have the hormones you requested Suzi, I have them in capsule form so you can give theme to Eddie and say they are vitamins. That would remove any reason to refuse to take them." "Good idea Jessica, beeg hairy I don't want him to realise what is happening until it is too late. It will beeg x be all the more embaressing for him when Edele starts to revel in her change." Suzi remarked. "Have you given any more thought on how you are going to expose her?" Jessica asked. "Given that Eddie is fairly well known in town but not sex beeg very tube beeg well liked, I think I may be able to inerest the local papers in the story." Suzi said, "In fact I think the editor of the local tabloid has a grudge against Eddie." "Perfect, how will you handle it?" "Well, I have a few contacts, so I will rent a room in the town hall and call together a selection of reporters from various tabloids and gossip mags. begg I will then reveal Eddie to them in a new slinky dress that I plan to get for him in his Edele persona, I will then show our home video's and photographs. Once they have seen all, I will change www beeg.com Edele beeq.com back into Eddie for proof." Suzi explained. "Your a genius!" Jessica exclaimed. "Yes, and beeg ass by the time I am through everyone in town will know of Eddie's little secret." Suzi said with satisfaction. The following saturday Suzi had prepared the room she had rented at the town hall, in one corner was a large screen behind which Edele waited. After waiting for ten minutes the reporters arived as well as the editor with a grudge, "If you will all come in and sit down, I will begin." Suzi said. Suzi whispered something to Jessica and then addressed the assembled reporters, "Around two weeks ago, my husband Eddie who some of you may know as the local 'sexist pig'" a few chuckled wet beeg hindi round the reporters, xxxbeeg "crossed me for the last time, having been www.beeg..com out of work for nearly a year, and www.beeg com done nothing but lounge around and spend my money. Just three weeks ago he spent a large amount of my life savings on a beeg video computer just so he could spend hours on the Internet beeg porn looking at the adult web sites. Finaly I had enough and decided he should make a change for the better." Suzi paused and then continued, "May introduce to free porn beeg you Edele." Edele came out from behind the screen weaing beeg 18 a red satin dress with a low back and beeg sexxn shoe-string straps, on her feet were a pair of red beeg com mules with a 4" block heel that mom beeg sowed off her beeg toe nails that were painted cherry red. She беег was wearing a short auburn wig brushed back and her makeup was glamorously applied. In short, Edele was a vision of femininity and showed no signs of being male. Suzy continued, "Edele was once my husband Eddie until I decided to feminize him, a number of reasons factored into my beeg com decision to do this to him but the main reason is his atitude towards women. Edele was created using a combination of hypnosis and subliminal commands, she is submissive to all real women anal beeg and will beeh obey my every command." The editor with a grudge spoke up, "How do beeeg we know this is really Eddie she sounds and moves so femininely, you also said that beegporn you have wwwbeeg some hd beeg revealing evidence." "I am coming to that" Suzi turned to Edele, "Edele, bring over the TV and video please" "Yes Mistress Suzanne" Edele replied and pulled beeg gesetz them over and pluged them in. "Are beeg com you able to change her back into Eddie?" asked one reporter "Of course, I beeg xx can switch her between Eddie or Edele with a simple trigger phrase as well beeg xx as induce a hypnotic state to give further commands and conditioning." Suzi replied, "Edele has been on a course of hormones since early this week as well, so In about three month's time she should no longer need figure shaping garments." Suzi walked to the video and played the most recent video of Eddie beeg lesbian modeling his new clothes. When the beeg teen video finished Suzi addressed the reporters once more "When I filmed this I had left Eddie in control of his body to make it more embaressing for him." "You mentioned on the video about www beeg punishing him" said one reporter. "Yes, Eddie had begged me not to beeg anal reveal беег his secret so for his punishment I wanted everyone in beeg porno town beeg jepang to be aware of his status as a submissive sissy transvestite slave." Suzi explained. "That's beeg xxx certainly a start, have you got any more?" said the editor. "Yes, the second video is by far the most indian beeg embaresing for him. I have run this beeg anal video through my computer and blurred out the second face to beeg sex protect her tough. But first I think Eddie should watch this." Suzi walked over to Edele and whispered in her ear, "Eddie's Back" and Eddie беег returned. "Eddie, beeg ass sit free porn beeg down" Suzi ordered. "Yes indian beeg Mistress" Eddie said in his normal .beeg voice. "My .beeg god, it really is him. I will have to put this on my front page" the editor exclaimed. Inside Eddie felt he could shrivel beegcom up and die. On the TV Eddie's encounter with anal beeg Melissa appeared, a hushed silence fell on the gathered reporters as they watched Eddie making love to and being made love to another sissy transvestite. When the reporters left they all agreed to run a anal beeg story exposing Eddie as Edele. Sitting quietly at the back of the hall, Eddie began to cry. Suzi came up to him, "Stop crying this instant you little sissy, you are messing up your makeup" Suzi shouted and gave him a slap round beeg vids the face. " "Youv'e ruined my life now, you know that don't you?" Stated Eddie. "Of course, now you will have no choice but to be Edele." Suzi said. "Why don't you just leave me as Edele then?" Eddie said with a spiteful voice. "Don't tempt me, anyway I beeg .com want you to remain this way. For now beeg.com anyway. Sissy's Home" Edele immediately regained beeg tube control and wiped her eyes, "I'm sorry Mistress Suzanne". "Good" Suzi thought a moment, "Sleep Sissy" Suzi instructed "I am speaking to Eddie, You will be unaware xxxbeeg of any physical changes coming over you unless I direct your attention to the changes. You will now wake up. Chapter beeg coom 6 beeg jepang : Time beeg beeg flys when serving your mistress OR New beginnings. Three month's beeg.con had passed without Eddie having been returned to control of his body. Edele had changed a great deal, beeg milf she was no beeg gesetz longer wairing her waist clincher or breast forms. Now, thanks to the hormones had an hourglass figure and 'C' cub breasts. After the expose' in the papers exerybody in town knew about Edele now and many of the stores were visited by her regularly. Suzi, used to having a domestic servant in beeg coom Edele and not having to do any work decided to phone Jessica. "Hi Jessica, Suzi here" "Hi, how are bee things going?" "Fine, I was wandering if you wanted to come over I am just about to reveal to Eddie his physical changes before I make him Edele forever." Suzi said. "I'm coming over and I'm bringing my camera." Jessica exclaimed. After about ten minutes Jessica arrived. "I can't belive it has been nearly three months since I last saw Edele, How has she changed?" "Wait and see." b eeg with that remark Edele appeared thriugh the door. Jessica gave a wolf whistle and smiled, "She certainly beeg. has changed hasn't she!" "Yep, no padding or corsettry what so ever. Those are all her own curves." Suzi said. "Her own hair too I see." porno beeg Jessica observed. "Yes, she only wairs her wigs on 'bad hair days' now. She has also had surgery on her beeg videos vocal chords to make her voice bee sound naturaly female." Suzi turned to Edele, "Eddie's teen beeg back" Eddie regained control, "Why beeg/ have you left me under for so long mistress?" Eddie asked. "So you didn't spoil your supprise dear!" Suzi smirked. "What do you mean supprise?" Eddie asked, not noticing that his voice was higher than usual. "Listen to your voice!" Eddie listened to his voice carefully, "My god what have you done to my voice?" Eddie said in his feminine voice. "That's not all, strip and look in the mirror." Suzi ordered. "But....." "I said STRIP" Eddie stripped and saw his reflection in the mirror, a reflection of a beautiful young woman with curves in all www beeg com the right places. "Get dressed, NOW." Eddie got dressed again, "You see, Eddie Cole no longer exists physically OR legaly there is only Edele Cole. So you see, your life is gone, even your family has disowned you. Do you want to be Edele now?" "No, I wan't https //beeg.com my old life back." Eddie demanded. "Sorry, not happening, Sleep beeeg Sissy" "When I next change you into Edele you will never again be Eddie, the trigger phrase that turns you into Eddie will no longer work. You will be forever Edele, my submissive sissy slave. You will wake up now. Eddie regained conciousness, "What did you just do?" "The next beeg poto time you are beeg moms changed into Edele will be the last time porn beeg for you beeg hot will be forever Edele and Eddie xxx beeg will be gone. Forever." Suzi said with great satisfaction. Eddie made a desperate lunge for Suzi, "Sissy's Home" With that phrase Eddie disapeared forever and there was only Edele left. Inside Edele, Eddie cried out in torment as he knew he would forever be Edele. THE END - FOR NOW. Please visit my WWW page at http://www.geocities/WestHollywood/Park/8466/ Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 12:36:10 -0800 (PST) From: Zk Sma Subject: Eden 1 Before I get into the story, let's get the legal stuff out of the way. I am above the age beeg milf of 18 at the time of writing this story. site beeg.com beeg I own all rights to this story. beeg beeg Any likeness in name or actions beeg videos to any beeg.com/ of beeg tubes the characters in this story with someone in real life are purely coincidental. If it is illegal for you to read/view something like this in your area, you should leave now. This story includes scenes of male/male beeg mp4 sex with high school aged men. If this is beeg 4k considered offensive, you should, once again, beeg mom leave. If nothing else, then read my excerpt, and enjoy. * means a change in scene. ~*~ means a complete change in point of view. I'm what you would call a beeg x dabbler. I like to do stuff at least once. That is why I am trying my hand at writing fantasy. I beeg xnxx already have beeg coom a love story and a horror story started on nifty, I figured I ought to write a fantasy instead. This one is definitely a little different than anything I've ever read, but I kinda liked the idea so I sex beeg ran with it. As always, I wanna know what you think. Enjoy. Eden-1 beeg hot Ancient History Sitting here in the site beeg.com beeg delivery room, I can't beegporn help but marvel at how different the process beegs of child birth is from the holographic videos of the original way the process took place. The new process is much more tedious and time consuming, but there has not been a stillborn baby porn beeg in almost three hundred years. How is beeg mature this possible? Well, you beeg.coom can thank a beegxxx militant group hd beeg from the year 2009 for that one. It all started with my ancestors. beeg.con That is why I am a rich man today. My name is Colt Henderson, and beeg xvideos this is a tale of how the world was forever changed. ~*~ "Tanner Kelly! Wake up!" I rapidly picked my head up. "27!" The classroom erupted into laughter. I was momentarily confused. Then I remembered that we were beeg hd in lit class. "27? Well, maybe you'll be able to stay awake in detention beeg.c this afternoon." "Mr. Harris, I have practice this afternoon. beeg free There is no way I can do detention." "I'm good friends with Coach Kelly. I think I'll be able to work things out." I slumped in my chair. Having beeg sexxx two dads that worked at the same school was a total drag. "Yes sir." I waited for him to turn back to the board and I pulled out my phone to text my wwwbeeg guy. Me: Seriously, like one of my dads needs to get fired or something. Greenly: Yeah, and then you would be upset that you ever said that. Me: You know, you don't have to beeg black be right all the time. Greenly: It's beeg sex video a gift, babe. Fall asleep again? Me: Yeah. Greenly: Still having those nightmares? Me: Yeah. Greenly: We'll beeg jepang talk about it in lunch. I'll see you in a few. Love you. Me: You too. "Tanner, see me after class." I looked up to see that his back was still turned to me. "Why?" "So I can collect your cell phone." I sighed. "Yes sir." The rest of class beeg come went by without incident. I didn't text anymore, and I beeg/ didn't fall asleep. Did that help beeh my dad get any less pissed? No it didn't. As soon as the bell rang, I knew to stay seated. He made sure everyone else was out of the room before he went to close the beeg free door. "Tanner, that's twice this week beeg.coom that you have fallen asleep in class, son. What's wrong?" "Nothing, pop. Nothing's wrong." He pulled my chin up so I was looking in his eyes. "Son, tell me what's bothering you." "Nothing is." "Let me see your cell phone." "Why?" "Do not why me, young man." "Sorry, pop." I said as I handed beeg moms him my phone. He slid the button on the touch screen to unlock it, but then had to ask for the passcode. "It's 8806." He cocked his eyebrow. "Why that? That's beeg black a pretty random number, Tanner." "It's hd beeg the day Greenly and me became official." He smiled at beeg porche me. "It's Greenly and I, beeg.com Tanner. Well, you share a few things in common with porno beeg your beeg vids Pop then." "What do you mean?" "My passcode is the day your Daddy and me got together." "I thought yours was 1686?" "It is." "Well, that's the year. What about the actual date?" "Smart ass. It's January 6, 1986." I gave him a cheeky begg smile as he began scrolling free beeg through my conversation with Greenly. "Tanner, what nightmares are you having?" "It's nothing. I just keep dreaming that something bad is going to happen. Like, the population is gonna plummet really soon." "Well, son, you don't need to keep this stuff inside. Next time you have a nightmare, come to our room. We'll talk you through it." "Pop, I'm a little old for that." "You are never too old to talk to your parents. Hell, I might start surveying your room. Any sign of nightmares, you will sleep in between us." beeg.c "Fine Pop, I'll come beeg massage talk to you." "Good. Now go www.beeg..com to class son. I'll email your next teacher your excuse." I gave him a hug as another student walked in the room. "Mr. Harris, I was wondering if you had a minute?" "Patricia! Of course I have some time. I'm just finishing up. Give me just a minute." The girl walked back outside, and I turned to b eeg look at my Pop. mom beeg "When are you gonna start going by Kelly? You haven't beeg come been a Harris since before I was born." "Regardless of how our coworkers are, not every student is gonna be accepting of your Daddy and me being married. Some people don't even recognize it as a real marriage. Just because it is illegal here in Georgia doesn't make it any less real." "Well, I still think you should consider it. I get tired of people not knowing you're my Pop." "Well, I'll talk with your Daddy about it. Speaking of him, he wants to talk to you after lunch." beeq.com "Alright Pop. Well I gotta go. I'll see you at home." "You'll see me in detention." "Ugh. Okay." * xxx beeg When I walked into the door of my next class, I spotted www.beeg my guy sitting down in milf beeg his seat in the back. His blonde hair was cropped close to his head, giving him the appearance of almost being bald, beeg porn videos but I liked it like that. It made it so that there was a seamless transition beegxxx from his hair to his facial hair, which he knew I loved. Those big brown eyes of his made eye contact with me, and he smiled the smile that never failed to make beeh me visibly swoon. You could see his teeth, but it was a little beeg free lopsided and goofy looking, and that is why I loved it. "Where were you?" beeg mature Greenly asked as I sat down beside him in our European beeg tubes History class. "Talkin' to beeg/ my Pop. He beeg xvideos found out about the nightmares." "I told beeg teen you to stop texting in class, didn't I?" "Yeah, you did, but I wanted to talk to you." "Well, I wanted to talk to you, too, but you should know by now how he is. He has eyes in the back of his head when it comes to you." "Yeah I know. It's like www beeg borderline creepy." "That's a parent for ya." "Yeah it is. So, you wanna have some fun this afternoon?" "Fun?" He asked as he looked over at me. I wiggled my eyebrows at him. "Hell yeah! beeg 18 Yours or mine?" "How about in the bed of your truck?" I saw him reach beeg come under his desk and adjust himself. "Damn, baby, you know how to beeg 4k get me worked up." I winked at him. "That's my gift, babe." "Oh is it? Well, we'll see how well your gift works later." "Can't wait." "Boys!" "Sorry Mrs. Johnson." We replied in unison. www beeg com I could tell that through the rest of class Greenly was thinking about us in his truck bed beeg beeg that afternoon. It was like he had to constantly adjust himself. I couldn't contain my smile. I loved how we had already been https //beeg.com together for three years, and yet we never failed to get each other hot and bothered. His body definitely helped in the turn on process. He was 5'11", and built like you wouldn't believe. His muscles weren't huge, and he was definitely no body builder, but they were there and they were pronounced. I never ceased to feel safe when I was wrapped in his arms. Don't get me wrong, though, our relationship isn't always perfect. We have had our blow outs, but I have a policy. If beeg .com one never goes to bed mad, then one will never wake up alone. So far, it has worked for us. Even though we don't sleep with each other at night all the time, it still helps to free beeg have our issues resolved beegxxx before we go to sleep. I for one was just glad that we were finally out of that "test how beeg porche strong the relationship is" phase. We had already been through so much together that honestly nothing seemed like a big deal anymore. "Will you stop thinking about me." Greenly said, effectively pulling me beeg movies from my thoughts. "Huh?" "You always get that dorky look on your face when you beegxx beeg tube think about me, and I find it irresistible. I wanna jump you right now, so stop thinking about me." "Sorry, bud." I said with a laugh. "No worries. Now come on. It's time for lunch." beeg mp4 * Lunch was uneventful enough. Greenly and I spent the time talking with the rest beeg mom of the guys on the football team. It's amazing how beeg lesbian accepting of a gay relationship people can be when you can, www.beeg A) beat their ass without breaking a sweat, and B) happen to be the starting quarterback and a starting fullback on the varsity team. At the end beag.com of lunch, I beeg-com told Greenly and the beeg.com/ guys that I had begg to go meet with my dad before fourth block. "What did you do now? I swear, Kelly, you're always in trouble." My best friend, Braxton Lewis, said. "Don't know, Brax. Mr. Harris just said I have to go to his office after lunch." A couple of the guys at the table gave me knowing looks, and Greenly stood up to walk with me. "Save me a seat in chem, Brax." "Will do." Greenly grabbed my hand, beeg. and we started walking towards the field and my dad's office. "So, what do you think this is about?" "Who knows. All I know is beeg.com/ Pop told me to walk up here beeg poto beeg..com and see him." "It's so weird to hear you call him Mr. Harris, by the way." "You're telling me. I asked Pop today why he can't just beeg xnxx go by Mr. Kelly, and he said that the students wouldn't understand. In my opinion, that's a cop out because they don't care about us." "Tanner, do you even remember how many asses we had to kick when we first came out?" beeg video "But still, everyone respects us now, so what's the beeg sex video big deal?" "We're seniors and get to beeg sex video leave at the end of this year. Your dads work here. They don't get to leave." "You know, I hate it when you make sense." "You love it and beeg you know it." "You keep telling yourself that." "Okay, well beeg porn I gotta head to class. I'll see you at practice, baby." "You'll see me after. I have detention, remember?" "Oh yeah. Bye bud." He www.beeg.com gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and then bounded off for his class. I proceeded to walk into the field house, and to my dad's office. * "So, Tanner, beeg hairy what's this about falling asleep in class again?" "Daddy, it's nothing. I'll do beeg mom better, I promise." "Well, what about the texting? Pop told me you were texting Greenly." "I beeg movies was. I was completely lost in Pop's lesson, so I started texting beeg 18 Greenly." "Son, how many beeg x times have we told xnxx beeg beeg videos you beag.com not beeg com. to text in class?" "I know daddy, but I don't see the harm in it. I'm not texting for answers. I was texting to talk to my boyfriend." "You know how I talked to my boyfriend in high school?" "How?" "In between classes. You should do the same. The next time we find out about the texting in class, tube beeg you won't have a cell phone to text with. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes sir." "Good. Now about beeg porno these nightmares. What are they about, son?" "It's just disturbing stuff. Like half the population is suddenly gone one day." "Well, I wonder what that means? sex beeg You want me to call Gramps and have him set you up an appointment?" "Daddy, beeg-com you know him being my shrink beeg.com has never worked. I can't talk to him about beeg sexxx stuff. He always babies me. I'll be fine." "Alright, but I agree with Pop. The next nightmare you have, come wake us up. We'll talk www.beeg..com through it." "Okay, daddy. Can I go now?" "Yeah. You going to Greenly's after detention?" "Yeah. teen beeg I think so." "Alright, beeg..com well be home before dinner please. I would like to eat dinner with both of my favorite guys every now and then." "Alright daddy. I'll be there." * "So, how was detention?" Greenly asked me as we pulled away from the school. "Sucked. Pop made me read out loud the whole time." "What were you reading?" "The Color Purple." "I love that book." "You would." "What's beeg hd that mean?" "You love every book Greenly. It's in your nature." "And your nature is music, but you don't see me sassing you about it, do you?" "Of course not because I rock." "My world." "All in good time." "I have been thinking about this all day. I've been walking around all day www.beeg with a beeg. com damn hard on that could beeg sexxn cut steel." "Well, we might need to put it to good use, then." I was reaching over to grip his erection, when I heard an interesting beegcom story on the radio. "The reports are saying it is a mutated form of flu with no possible antidote or vaccine. If caught early enough, it may be treatable. People are cautioned to wear masks and beeg indian wash their hands regularly." "Damn, xnxx beeg you don't think that's here, do you?" "I certainly hope not, Tanner." "Me too. Pull over there. It's private enough. I want you in me." "Damn I love when you say shit like that." milf beeg Greenly pulled over on the side of the road, and we hopped out beeg sex of the cab of the truck and climbed into the bed. In a feat of typical teenage horniness, we wasted no time in senseless foreplay. We both had one goal. Mine was to be straddling him, and his was beeg massage to be planted in me. We took about enough time for us both to pull our pants and underwear off. I grabbed the xxx beeg lube we keep in his tool box, and applied a generous amount to his cock and my ass. He teased me just a bit by applying gentle pressure with his head against my entrance, and then beeg moms b eeg he sank it all in. All seven and half uncut inches planted firmly in me. He gave me a few seconds to get www.beeg com beeg.coom adjusted, and then relinquished full control to me. I must admit, that I am a bit of a wild animal when beegxx it comes to Greenly. That particular day beeg ass was no exception. While still impaled on his cock, I gyrated my hips and ground beeg sexxx into him. Greenly's eyes rolled into the back of his head , and he let out an animalistic moan. That was the moment I knew I had full reign. I lifted myself off him, and slammed myself back down. I set a nice rhythm, and started in on the dirty talk that I knew my baby so loved. About ten minutes into beeg porn it, I could tell he was getting close to cumming. "Are you close, baby?" "Fuck. Ye...yeah. beeg . Ride that beeg-com